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Products how Mother Nature intended

Passionate about Nature


As someone who has always been deeply connected with nature, I take pride in the authenticity of  my products. Amber Therapies fully understands the health and wellness benefits that come from Mother Nature and these are guarantees from my products :​​

  • All products are made completely from scratch - no short-cuts, pre-manufactured bases or artificial ingredients

  • All butters and oils and fragrance oils are high quality, certified organic (data sheets available)

  • No artificial fragrance oils, perfume oils, potpourri oils or nature identical oils are used

  • Our recipes are designed in house using our knowledge about nature and natural ingredients

  • All products are formulated, mixed, hand poured and hand cut in small batches to ensure quality, consistency and freshness

  • All containers and packaging is plastic free, reusable, recyclable, recycled & biodegradable

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