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Our Soap Story

Amber Therapies Soaps are made using only 100% pure, natural ingredients; high quality plant-based butters and oils, essential oils and natural colorants. Amber Therapies Soaps and their ingredients are not tested on animals, are non-toxic and palm oil free.

The benefits of my products are:

  • Pleasure to use and they leave your skin feeling clean, smooth, silky soft, smelling great and radiantly healthy!

  • We do not use fragrance oils, perfume oils, potpourri oils or nature identical oils, which are all different words for synthetically produced fragrance oils.

  • All are made completely from scratch - no short-cuts, pre-manufactured bases or artificial ingredients.

  • We make all of our products by hand, in small batches to ensure quality, consistency, and perfection.

  • Our packaging is plastic free (where possible and available). I use only recycled and biodegradable materials for all packaging and stationery.

  • We use completely natural and pure vegetable and plant oils, essential oils, plant butters, herbs and spices to make natural soaps that cleanse, moisturize and soothe your skin.

  • You get all the goodness of naturally-formed soap!

While commercial soaps can contain harsh and drying chemicals, the natural oils and ingredients in Amber Therapies Soaps will gently clean, moisturise and nourish your skin and normalise its pH – leaving it feeling smooth, silky soft, radiantly healthy and smelling great!


Due to the nature of the ingredients and manufacturing process, these soaps are completely safe for you, your family and the environment. Soap bars are made using the ancient cold-process method, to create biodegradable soap with zero by-products. All soaps are formulated, mixed, hand poured and hand cut in small batches by Lita, so each one is fresh and unique! Each bar weighs 100g(+) and is packed in a reusable and recyclable organza bag.


Soap bars can be used for hands and body – washing with them while they are in the organza bag in the shower provides gentle exfoliation and they can then be left to hang on the wall to dry, so that they last longer.

Ingredients include vegetable oils, plant-based butters, pureed vegetables and fruits, herbs, spices, flowers, local organic honey, goat milk or camel milk powder, pure essential oils for scent, natural colorants (spirulina, turmeric, paprika powders, etc.) and clays (white kaolin, rose quartz etc).


Ingredients are found locally where possible, such as Atlantic sea water, lavender, herbs, dried flowers, local organic honey, beeswax and goat’s milk, but occasionally more exotic ingredients are used, such as camel's milk and papaya for the immense benefits they provide naturally.

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