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A treatment as individual as you!


Therapeutic Massage : 90mins/€80 - 60mins/€55 - 30mins/€35

This therapy uses classical Swedish massage techniques to treat physical and psychological problems. Pressure adapted to client's requirements.

Deep Tissue Massage : 90mins/€80 - 60mins/€55 - 30mins/€35

This technique relieves tight bands of muscle by releasing knots, using a combination of Swedish and Sports massage movements. Pressure varies and goes deeper as the tissues warm. Deep pressure is applied using thumbs, forearms and elbow to reach the deepest layers of muscle. Pressure adapted to client's requirements.

Deep Tissue Cupping Massage : 60mins/€60

The ultimate deep tissue massage. The suction by the cups facilitates the release and elimination of lactic acid from tight, sore muscles which helps to release tension. This treatment also supports the immune system and helps to strengthen a weakened body after an illness. Cupping is ideal for stressed bodies and minds, insomnia, recurrent colds and sore throats and to help detox the body from over doing.

Indian Head Massage :  €45

This technique is based on the Ayurvedic system of a healing Indian head massage, using ancient techniques that concentrate on the neck, shoulders, head and face. This treatment is very effective for relieving stress, headaches, muscle tension and eye strain.

Pregnancy Massage : 60mins/€60

It is important during this special time in your life to take care of your own well being. Enjoy the beautiful connection between Mother and Child with this relaxing massage performed from head to toe in a fully supported position. This helps to relieve tension in the back and alleviates swelling in the legs and hands, while also easing the mind and uplifting the spirit. A happy mother leads to a happy baby.

Tired Legs Relief : €45

This massage helps to ease tired legs and reduce swelling. A draining leg massage with a combination of oils and cupping techniques will help to stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins and waste from the body.

Oncology Massage : 60mins/€55

Many people believe that massages can spread cancer - this is NOT true. A relaxing and nurturing massage can benefit those in strong need of a therapeutic touch. The fatigue that accompanies cancer treatment and recovery can be enormous, so the focus is on comfort. Almost any treatment can be adapted to suit any stage of cancer treatment, with a small number of exceptions. The healing touch is vital to cancer patients health and well-being and massage is a proven way to receive the benefits.

Pro-Ageing Frankincense Facial : 70mins/€60

Defy your age safely and naturally with visible results using our clinically proven pro-collagen products. This treatment incorporates various massage techniques, like facial cupping and jade massage rollers to enhance the pro-ageing effects of the products.

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