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Diffuser - Contemporary style

Diffuser - Contemporary style


Contemporary style diffuser (150mls) with black natural fibre reed diffuser sticks.


Amber Therapies diffusers contain Augeo reed diffuser base and vegan & cruelty free fragrance oils, combined with black naturalfibre reed diffuser sticks. Here are the benefits of using an Amber Therapies diffuser :


  • Augeo reed diffuser base is made from soya-based renewable resources.
  • This base is non-toxic, low in carbon footprint and low in odour, giving it a superior performance.
  • Augeo reed diffuser base acts as a carrier and diluent for fragrances, reinforcing and enhancing their odour.
  • Our scents are created with high quality, vegan & cruelty free fragrance oils.
  • Reed Fibre Diffuser Sticks are made from a cotton mixture, so they are a great substitution for rattan sticks. These thick black reed diffuser sticks are the original ecological product.
  • They are innovatively designed diffuser wicks for high-performance fragrance throw and longer service life for use, with no special need of maintaining.

  • The reed has a porous structure that provides a controlled rate of fragrance release. Fragrance is diffused along the entire length of the wick.

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